Human Design Basic Elements

Human Design Basic Elements

Human Design is an extremely accurate tool to help you understand your SPECIFIC and UNIQUE design and to SEE the TRUTH of who you are. Knowing and living as YOURSELF enables you to truly live your LIFE PURPOSE.

This course is a great starting point in your Human Design Journey and you will learn all the basic elements in the Human Design System.

In the Human Design Basic Elements course we will cover the following:
- How to access your Human Design Chart
- Understanding the chart
- What is Human Design
- Elements of the chart
- Type and Aura
- Inner Authority

Human Design is not the only path to awakening to the truth of who you are, yet it is an extremely accurate and practical tool that puts you deeply in touch with the TRUTH of who you are.

Within each of us lies our inner authority - that part of us that just knows who we are and how we should move through the world.

Life Purpose Revealed through Human Design awakens you to your inner intelligence, it guides you to find YOURSELF, to KNOW and to TRUST yourself.

There is nothing to BELIEVE - Only Knowing and Trusting within yourself

Live your Purpose. Know yourself. When you live as yourself you begin to experience the magic of life’s journey.

What you’ll learn
- Use Human Design as a tool to see the TRUTH of who YOU are.
- Human Design Basics - An Introduction to Living your Human Design

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
- Having your Human Design Chart will assist you in understanding your Human Design.

Who this course is for:
- Those starting their Human Design Journey
- Those wanting to learn to trust their inner guidance
- Those wanting to understand the TRUTH of who they are

Human Design Basic Elements